Achieve your financial goals on Shopify.

Do you suspect that you're losing out on sales? Get us to unlock this lost revenue by analyzing, recommending and implementing the changes that need to be made.

A ConversionBoost CRO/UX Audit will identify all the changes needed to be made and opportunities you're currently missing out on.

What you'll get

Over the years of serving many Shopify merchants, we've refined the process down to the following.

1. Survey & Setup

Initial Discovery

Via survey and a short workshop we’ll find out who you are as a brand, what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to and your goals.

Analytics & Heat Mapping Tracking

All required tracking codes for Google Analytics and Hotjar (or similar) will be set up optimally to collect the information we need.

2. Manual Front-end Audit

Audit Criteria

Your site’s front-end will be manually checked based on the following criteria:

  1. Site Optimization
  2. User Interface
  3. User Journey
  4. User Experience
  5. Content Strategy
  6. QA
  7. Device Responsiveness
  8. Professionalism

Areas Examined

The following areas of your site will be examined in the manual front-end audit on both mobile and desktop:

  1. Global Elements (header, footer, consistent design)
  2. Navigation
  3. Home Page
  4. Collection Pages
  5. Product Pages
  6. Cart Page
  7. Other pages

Manual Audit Tables

Manual audit tables will be created for each area of the site examined where the auditor will note the issues found, mention the impact they will have and recommend solutions.

3. Data Analysis

Together with the manual audit, the data collected will be used to provide additional insights as well as prevent or confirm any assumptions made in the manual audit.

4. Final Deliverable

Once all the data is in and auditing is completed, we'll compile an easily digestible report that lists out all the recommendations as:

  1. Do these things first
  2. Do these things second
  3. Do these things when you can
All of the above for only $1,500
(For a limited time only and subject to capacity)

Are you ready?

A case study - Lunafide

If you need a bit more convincing, take a look at this case study for Lunafide, the artist driven clothing brand.

"We did a CRO audit with ShopCreatify [..] exposing holes that we would never have thought of. We still use the report today."

Kieren Quarmby, CEO of Lunafide

We gave Lunafide an ecommerce conversion rate and user experience audit and came out in their tops… I mean came out tops, but in their tops too – more about that later. Read the full case study here.