We gave Lunafide an ecommerce conversion rate and user experience audit and came out in their tops… I mean came out tops, but in their tops too – more about that later.

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"We did a CRO audit with ShopCreatify that proved to be highly valuable, exposing holes that we would never thought of. We still use the report today."

CEO of Lunafide

What is ConversionBoost?

ConversionBoost is the productized ShopCreatify service offering that was best aligned to help LunaFide achieve their desired goals. This is a specialized ecommerce conversion optimization service where we use an evidence-based approach to improve and enhance your online store.

“It’s an intricate process that essentially leads to tweaks in navigation, site speed, and positioning of elements, that make a BIG difference to user experience and, ultimately, boosts your conversion rate – converting 1's and 0's into $'s and £'s.”
– Ross Allchorn, ShopCreatify CEO

LunaFide — Artist driven apparel

LunaFide is a print to order ecommerce business. They partner with a highly talented network of creatives around the world to sell artist driven apparel. No items are kept in stock. Everything is made to order so you’ll find no mass production here.

“We’ve worked with Ross and the team from Shopcreatify a few times and each time, it’s been a great experience. Technically and from a relational experience.”

CEO of Lunafide

How the ConversionBoost process worked

Every e-commerce website is unique, and so every ConversionBoost project is tailored to suit the client’s needs. However, the process does follow a predictable and reliable pattern. Once we knew what LunaFide was looking to achieve we set out to analyze, apply, test, and refine.

We configured Google Analytics, implemented heat mapping software, and collected the data required for us to draw insights from real traffic and user behavior. In conjunction, a manual frontend audit was conducted to identify potential usability flaws and friction points.

“We do a lot of custom work and needed a team with the technical ability, ShopCreatify have a structured, solid approach to getting new work live and all work is always done with the end goal in mind.”

CEO of Lunafide

Some of the optimizations

  1. Mobile user experience improvements

  2. General navigational improvements

  3. Implementation of trust signals in strategic positions

  4. Streamlined the checkout process

  5. Brought men and women categories to the home page

  6. Expanded social proof on the homepage

  7. Made filtering options more visible

  8. Reworded the ‘buy it now’ button to ‘shop now’

  9. Refreshed the menu on desktop and mobile for improved user experience

  10. Incorporated a sticky add to cart button

  11. Created double-columns on mobile to get more products displayed higher on the page

  12. Simplified, cleaned up, and refined – making the site more intuitive wherever possible

ShopFoundation: What’s LunaFide got t’ do with it

At the beginning of this case study we mentioned that we “came out in their tops.” That was because LunaFide’s apparel is so cool we asked them to design a ShopCreatify range to complement the demo store we created for our new ShopFoundation offering, which you can read about here.

“I like to connect with my clients beyond a shared love for ecommerce.”

Ross Allchorn, CEO at ShopCreatify

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