About ShopCreatify

Like all good superheroes, we need an origin story, an arch-enemy and a love interest. We have the first, not the second and only some of us have the last. We're also not superheroes, nor rockstars... nor ninjas. This is our story.

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The Fleshy Robots

If you're working with us, these are the people you'll have to tolerate.

Jess Account Manager

Lauren Office Manager

Janine Tech Lead & Designer

Alfredo Developer

Ross Founder, CEO

Chris Technologist

Daniel Copywriter

Not wearing suits and taking names

Since our formation in late 2014, we've had a single goal of providing straight up and effective Shopify ecommerce services to merchants serious about success.

It all began on a stormy night* in October 2014, when a burly and well seasoned ecommerce specialist with a penchant for design and technology made a conscious decision to leave the world of smoke & mirror startups behind and forge his own destiny with a real, tangible startup of his own.

This destiny came in the form of an agency. Not just any agency, this agency! One with an intentionally small, but tightly knit group of amazingly talented people.

Designers, developers, project managers, writers and analysts make up the bulk of ShopCreatify and over the years we've managed to acquire and retain an amazing portfolio of long-standing ecommerce merchant clients all over the world.

Ecommerce Services Without Borders

With the internet having been kind to the people of earth, it allowed ShopCreatify to look beyond the limitations of geographic placement.

Our people inhabit various beautiful locations around the world from Pittsburgh, USA to the forests of Wilderness on the Garden Route to an old renovated church in Vienna, Austria. We even have a digital nomad that is rarely in the same place when you speak to him... unless there is a worldwide pandemic, in which case he's stuck where he was when it happened. This last one had him locked down in Colombia.

We're really proud of the work we've done over the years and if you're interested to see some of it, go and take a look at our portfolio.

If you're looking for more information about what we do, this isn't the place, but this is.

* I honestly don't remember if it was stormy. It just seemed like a nice way to start our otherwise potentially boring about us page.