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The ShopFoundation Demo Store…

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a Shopify Store with no code, no mess, no fuss!

"It's the best demo store in the world," said us.

This blog post is about a Shopify Store with no code, no mess, and no fuss. We built it using the exact model, tricks of the trade, and best-of-breed tools of the trade, that we intend to use on all the online stores we’ll build through our ShopFoundation offering. It’s called ShopFoundation because the whole model is about using our experience to build you a future proof online store on a solid foundation.

The demo store is a showroom, showcasing exactly what you can expect to achieve with your own ShopFoundation store build. Sure, we're the ones who called it the best demo store in the world. But, can you blame us?

ShopFoundation Demo Store

Like a kid in a candy store

Our big enchilada had SO much fun building this demo store. You could tell that it rekindled all the magic and excitement that got him into this business in the first place. Yet, he says he never could have offered a store this robust, future proof, and scalable, at this price point, when he got started. It has taken many years of experience, building successful Shopify stores, and partnering with all the right people, to make it possible.

Shopify Experts

To ShopCreatify, this demo store is more than just a demo of what you can achieve, it’s a symbol of how far the business has come. It’s a store that makes the team stop and go, “Wow, I can’t believe we can make a store build of this standard, with all the features and tools we have been able to include, so accessible.” It’s a store that makes us really feel we have earnt the accolade of Shopify Experts.

Sure, as Shopify Experts, ShopCreatify regularly builds big-budget world-class custom-built stores - with all the bells and whistles. But this is about how much we have been able to put under the hood, and the turnaround time we are able to offer, at a rediculously affordable price. 

Through this demo store, we are totally confident that ShopFoundation is going to live up to its promise of Giving all merchants a chance at realizing big ecommerce dreams.

10 reasons this is the best demo store in the world

  1. No code
  2. No mess
  3. No fuss
  4. It’s Robust
  5. Built to sell
  6. Built to last
  7. Fully scalable
  8. Beautifully on-branded
  9. One of our favorite themes from a UX point of view
  10. All the best-of-breed ecommerce tooling installed

A fully functional Shopify Store Showroom

We're working on loading some really cool items in our demo store. As a fully functional site, you'll be able to make purchases and everything... So much of excitement! Quite serendipitously, some of the items will be created by our good friends at Lunafide.

Lunafide is an online store we helped make better use of their Shopify setup. And now they are helping us beef up our own store with products designed by them (With our own twist of course). Optimizing the Lunafide store with Kieren was an awesome journey, and we’re so happy we get to continue collaborating with them this way.

“We've internally dubbed Lunafide as the "trance party clothing store" and I'm sure you'll see what I mean when you visit it. There are some truly inspirational works of art in their catalog.”
—Ross Allchorn, CEO at ShopCreatify.

Lunafide example


If you’re an aspiring ecommerce multimillionaire who believes in starting how you want to finish, all the components that ShopCreatify considers integral foundational elements in an online store are included in the ShopFoundation bundle, from day one, at a predictable and affordable price point – including 3 months of best-of-breed ecommerce tooling costs covered, plus 6 months support.

You’ll hit the ground running with a powerhouse online store, built on a solid foundation, by experienced Shopify Experts for only $5,150 $4,380 (marked down 15% while in beta)

ShopFoundation Discount offer

As soon as our demo store goes live we'll be sure to MAKE SOME NOISE! In the meantime, you can find out more about ShopFoundation here, and contact us for all your ecommerce needs here

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