How to take your Shopify store from Zero ($0) to Hero ($500 000+)…

How to take your Shopify store from Zero ($0) to Hero ($500 000+)…

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If you’re beginning your ecommerce journey, one of the biggest buzz phrases you’ll stumble across is…


(Insert dramatic echo here)

“Conversion? Is this a cult?” 

No no, a conversion is when a user completes any one of your website’s goals, from email sign-ups, to leaving a review, and that grand unicorn in the sky… making a purchase. Optimization is doing everything you can to ensure those conversions are made.

Stop (only) chasing unicorns

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting out is to only chase the unicorns. If your only goal is that one purchase, you probably aren’t providing a very good user experience overall, which means you’ll miss upselling, cross selling, and repeat purchasing opportunities.

Sure, a single sale will get you above ZERO STATUS,
but we want you to get to HERO STATUS… so you can fly amongst your unicorns.

Optimize the fudge out of it

If you’re on Shopify, you’ve chosen the right platform, and come to the right place. The good news is, as Shopify Experts, we’ve been around a while and know all the tricks and tools you need to optimize the fudge out of your online store. The trick is to start how you want to finish. A little planning goes a long way to building yourself an online store that is robust, future proof, and scalable.

Tricks of the trade

We wrote an article that takes all of the above into account. It’s titled ‘Your Shopify store is live, now what?’ and you can read it here. Not to brag, but it’s an absolute MUST READ. It’s the holy grail of conversion boosting not-so-secrets (“Ah huh! I knew it was a cult!”).

We won’t rehash that info here. Think of this as the hero movie sequel. In that article we listed many TRICKS of the trade – 14 to be exact. Here we want to discuss…

The store optimizing TOOLS of the trade…

Shopify is a powerful platform, but there are some tools (apps) you can add to it that will springboard your efforts from zero to hero. The following is the best-of-breed ecommerce tooling and components we consider integral foundational elements in an ecommerce store.

Protect your data. Protect your business.
The user data your online store collects overtime is like the fairy dust that made Pan fly. You want to be a hero that can fly, don’t you? Rewind helps you back up, restore, and copy the critical information stored in your SaaS applications.

Transactional email templates for Shopify
With Spently, you can increase sales by as much as 15% just by turning your standard Shopify notification emails into a powerful post purchase customer experience.

The best merchants grow through exceptional customer service, and Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center.

Social proof is going to be imperative as you get started and want new users to believe in your product enough to purchase it. will help you collect and display video, photo and text reviews from your customers on your site, Google, and Social Media platforms.

Design Packs

Add some personality to your Shopify theme.
With Design packs, you can install additional sections, blocks and templates to your ecommerce store. You can access their entire library of reusable elements and layouts.

For all-in-one ecommerce marketing
Omnisend has it all to help you easily convert and retain more ecommerce customers.

Implement all of these tricks and tools of the trade and you’re sure to go from zero to hero!

Or, you can check out our exciting new value bundle offering called ShopFoundation – we’ll implement all of the above for you. You’ll hit the ground running with a powerhouse Shopify store that is robust, future proof, and scalable – all built on a solid foundation, at an affordable fixed price.

“Stop being the sidekick in your own hero story.”
—Ross Allchorn

You can find out more about ShopFoundation here

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