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— Brad Miller (founder of Out of the Sandbox)

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Automate your emails, save yourself a ton of time.

Email automation for strategic gifting season marketing

In the mad rush to get everything done in preparation for gifting season, automation can give you back some time. One simple and effective step is to automate your emails.

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Unprepared - The “Secret Sauce” of Online Stores with Ross Allchorn

Chase Clymer, host of Honest Ecommerce interviewed ShopCreatify's Ross Allchorn in a recent ecommerce podcast. In their conversation they discuss Ross’s journey in Ecommerce, serendipity as a part of success, their focus on Shopify, working as a remote agency, handling BFCM projects, and more.

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Doing good is good for business

Ronny Sage from ShoppingGives

Doing good is good for your business’s bottom line. More customers are letting their money talk – moving to brands and products that make an impact and align with their values. In 2015, digital marketing expert Ronny Sage founded ShoppingGives for retailers to donate to causes that are important to their customers.

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Adapting ecommerce to cater for customer needs ahead of BFCM

Handle with care

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the ecommerce space dramatically – forcing more shoppers online and causing exponential growth in online retail. It’s important to adapt your business to the changes in ecommerce and cater for your customers’ needs with financing options for cash-strapped customers and charitable retail programs like ShoppingGives.

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