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Shopify & Ecommerce Ramblings

Unprepared - Ecommerce Podcast Interview

Chase Clymer, Ross Allchorn

Chase Clymer, host of Honest Ecommerce's interviewed ShopCreatify's Ross Allchorn in a recent podcast. In this episode they discuss how the pandemic has affected Ecommerce in South Africa and around the world, and what merchants should be focusing on during this time. 

While ShopCreatify has a distributed team that spans the world, there are a couple of teammates and customers with Ecommerce stores based in South Africa, giving Ross a unique perspective to offer.

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Convert more sales from your current traffic

Ecommerce order being fulfilled
Photo by Bench

If ever there was a time to focus on boosting your online sales, it would be now. Despite the extenuating circumstances of what is facing the world right now, eCommerce is booming and it’s time to get on top of your conversion optimisation.

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Ecommerce booms in face of Covid-19

Roddy Smith - Spently

Ecommerce hasn’t been immune to the coronavirus pandemic, growing dramatically as stores scramble to cater for an influx of online shoppers. According to Roddy Smith, Director of Sales and Partnerships for Spently, many of the latest changes in ecommerce will last well after the virus has been overcome.

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Increase Your Shopify Ecommerce Conversions

Sharpening your Ecommerce Conversion RatesPhoto by Malte Wingen

This list is compiled as much as a resource for us to refer back to when looking to optimize a client store for conversions as it is a collection of information that we thought would be good to share with other Shopify partners, experts and merchants.

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