Powerful BFCM optimization on a budget

Powerful BFCM optimization on a budget

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ShopCreatify is offering Shopify merchants the chance to beef up their stores in time for (BFCM). So if you haven’t started preparing your online store for BFCM and the panic is starting to rise, then fear not, we’re here for you!

There are a bunch of small enhancements we can do for you that will have massive gains. With a starting investment of around $6,000 we will scope your store to identify what will have the most impact in the available time and discuss how to implement it.

Read on to get an idea of what we might land up working on with you.

Improve site speed

Store speed performance has a direct impact on engagement and conversion rates. After doing a page speed audit, we’ll make changes to turbocharge your store’s speed.

A site that loads quickly is one that has:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • A higher average order value
  • Improved lead generation
  • Increased page views

Conversion rate optimization

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) takes existing visitors to your store and turns them into paying customers, usually by streamlining your content and visual hierarchy, design, and usability of critical storefront sections.

Our conversion rate optimization will help to:

  • Increase profits
  • Leverage your current store traffic
  • Get more customers
  • Get to know your customers better
  • Lower your customer acquisition costs
  • Improve the perception of your brand
  • Increase your customer lifetime value

Enhance your store’s usability

You don’t want the usability of your store to frustrate your customers so much that they leave before having a positive experience and of course, purchasing something. Usability changes will help:

  • Customers to easily find what they’re looking for
  • Customers to enjoy engaging with your brand
  • Remove points of friction, frustration or confusion

Optimize for mobile

Mobile ecommerce

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We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your store to be optimized for mobile given that more than half of online sales in the US are made on mobile devices. Optimizing your store for mobile will:

  • Improve its load speed
  • Make it easier to do transactions
  • Make menus, photos and buttons easier to use
  • Make it easier to add additional items to the shopping cart

Hold on to your customers

It makes sense to make the most of the customers you already have. You’ll want to pull out all the stops to retain users during what is likely to be your busiest time of year. Our audit will identify where problems lie and find ways to beef up your user retention using tactics such as:

  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Incentivizing repeat purchases
  • Growing your database for future

Beautiful visuals and clever marketing

Why not use beautiful visual and clever marketing to inspire users to take advantage of your BFCM sales. ShopCreatify can help to develop BFCM promotional campaign content for your website, social media, and email marketing. This will:

  • Attract new customers to your store
  • Retarget customers that previously bought from your store
  • Draw your customers’ attention to the BFCM specials
  • Encourage people to add more to their cart
  • Make the most of your advertising

High converting landing pages

Archies footwear ecommerce landing page content
Archies Footwear doing a great job of merchandising on their landing page, displaying value propositions. Read our case study of Archies.


Highly focused landing pages with laser sharp messaging are brilliant for funneling customers straight to the products you want to concentrate on. Once we’ve got a clear understanding of your operation, we can set up landing pages that will:

  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Draw customers to BFCM sale products and collections
  • Improve return on investment for paid search campaigns

Effective strategy and measurement

A strategy with your plans, goals, and how to measure success are an essential part of a BFCM campaign. Having a solid plan and measurables can significantly lower your stress around BFCM. We can use our wealth of experience to help you:

  • Define sales goals, projections and KPIs
  • Implement the required measurability to access the success and ROI of your BFCM campaign

Let’s get started!

There’s not much time left until BFCM, so we recommend getting started on your BFCM store improvements as soon as possible. As we’ve already mentioned, you don't need a complete site overhaul or a massive budget to make changes to your store that will really pay off over BFCM.

We are confident that with our wealth of experience we can make improvements that will help bag customers and boost your bottom line. Get in touch with us soon so that we can scope your site and see how to collaborate with you to make this BFCM one for the books!
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