Archies Footwear

When we were approached by Australian based Physiotherapist Daniel to work on a store selling thongs, we were expecting something completely different. It turns out that "thongs" are what Australians call flip flops... and you can now buy them locally and online, pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Consulting Customization Development Shopify Plus UX Design

"I set out to create a thong that not only offered orthotic support, but one that myself and my mates would happily wear."

Daniel Jones, Physiotherapist

Leaving no stone unturned

There was no beating about the bush with the straight shooters over at Archies. One of the first things we built for them was a custom wholesale ordering interface that flipped the "Shopify isn't good at wholesale" train of thought on its head.

From there we really hit the ground running and over the years Archies Footwear have grown to justifiably be able to boast that they have stores in almost every territory on the planet.

Tom Jones
Archies Footwear

"Ross and Team have been a key part of our business since coming online in 2015. 

We have been working together to get the site optimised ever since, leveraging their advice and analytics.  ShopCreatify has produced an extremely high standard of work throughout."

Persuasion is their middle name

Some advice we always give to newer ecommerce merchants is that you need to persuade the customer to buy by answering all of their questions in a visit. You don't have the luxury of simply handing the product to them. They can't sense it's weight, texture, smell it or feel how it fits. 

Archies are an exemplar case study in the art of persuasion. They've outlined all the aspects that make their product special, and we've helped them articulate these USPs clearly and simply on the site.

Next level conversion optimization

The Archies team motto might as well be "in it to win it". There is pretty much nothing on the site that would distract a potential buyer from doing what they came there for.

Not only is the chaff effectively separated from the wheat and all friction points removed, but we also laid pretty clear trail markers in the process of buying (like the custom side cart shown below) to make sure that the customer doesn't miss out on free shipping, a cloth bag for their products or a payment method they'd prefer to use.

Ultimately, their stores are well oiled conversion machines, and as clichéd as it sounds, they can largely focus on things like customer support, order fulfillment and other facets of their business.

Making stockist's lives easy

They only let the right ones in, but if your application is successful, Archies provide support by the bucketload to their wholesale customers.

Wholesale customers are not looking for the same things that consumers are in an ecommerce store. Realizing this, we built custom features that cater to them in a way that a default ecommerce theme just couldn't.

Retailers can log in, find what they need, order in bulk in one click and they're done... all in the time where a default B2C experience would still have them finding the first product to add to cart.

Impeccable customer support

From the day we first crossed paths, it was obvious that the guys at Archies took customer service seriously. Over the years we've seen them treat customers how they want to be treated and this has served them well.

Taking things a notch higher, we enhanced their support software by giving it a full makeover so that the buying and support experience is seamless and not seemingly "Frankensteined" together.

Armed with best-of breed software on all fronts, a great attitude about business and customer service, Archies have been able to put their best "thong adorned" feet forward and they've done just that and more.

We're happy to have played a part in their journey to date, and hope to continue working with them for years to come.

Go and take a look at and treat yourself to a new pair of "thongs"... you won't regret it.