Revving Up Stinger's Online Sales

Popular off-road automotive electronics powerhouse, Stinger Off-Road embarked with us on a transformation of their online presence through a complete Shopify store redesign.

Consulting CRO Design Development Integration Strategy

ShopCreatify is excited to showcase the transformative redesign of the Stinger Offroad online store for Stinger Solutions.

This case study delves into our approach to upgrading their digital storefront, where enhancing user experience and brand identity were key drivers, alongside a focus on conversion optimization.

Background and Challenge

Stinger Off-Road, part of Stinger Solutions, engaged ShopCreatify to elevate their online presence.

The primary challenge was to refine their vehicle finder feature and reinforce brand consistency.

Our team, sharing a passion for automotive excellence, was perfectly positioned to tackle these objectives.

Autumn Nelson
VP of E-Commerce

“The expertise and understanding of our brand displayed by ShopCreatify were phenomenal. Their contributions have significantly elevated our online store. We are immensely satisfied with the results of our collaboration.”

Vehicle Finder Innovation

At the core of this project was the overhaul of the vehicle finder tool.

We introduced a sophisticated Year, Make, Model search system, combined with an efficient filtering system for search results and collection navigation.

This innovation significantly streamlined the customer’s search process, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

Brand Refresh

In parallel with technical upgrades, we subtly revised Stinger Offroad’s branding elements.

Our objective was to consolidate their brand presence, ensuring a consistent and engaging visual experience throughout the site.

Product Detail Page (PDP) Enhancement

The Product Detail Page (PDP) received special focus on this project as we believe it should with all e-commerce projects.

Our strategy was to maintain and enhance their existing product data structure while optimizing for conversions.

We ensured all customizations, apps, and integrations were seamlessly integrated and aligned with the brand's refreshed identity.

The Road Ahead

This project marks another successful chapter in the ongoing collaboration between ShopCreatify and Stinger Solutions.

Our shared enthusiasm for the automotive sector makes this partnership not just a business endeavor, but a journey driven by passion.


The Stinger Offroad store redesign is a testament to ShopCreatify's commitment to delivering tailored e-commerce solutions that surpass client expectations.

Our journey with Stinger Solutions is fueled by a shared passion for the automotive world and a relentless pursuit of excellence in e-commerce.

"Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do."