A fascinating business where a majority of the beauty is in the simplicity. Simplicity in the product (they're boxes), simplicity in the operation (a surprisingly small number of people running the whole thing) and all in all, a great client that does really well and we love working with.

Consulting Customization Development Shopify Plus UX Design

"I genuinely feel I am working in partnership with someone who cares about my website and who seeks to achieve the best possible results. Five stars and more!"

Nicole Hines

Comprehensive is an understatement

We have an internal rule at ShopCreatify that the more comprehensive and articulate a brief or inquiry is, the better we'll be able to work with the merchant.

Nicole's initial inquiry was the exemplar of this. There was close to zero ambiguity as to what she needed... without her dictating "how" she wanted it done. This, after all, is where we're supposed to come into the picture and demonstrate our skills.

This was in 2015, and since then we've done two scheduled redesigns, met in person in London (rare for a remote agency) and done countless small tweaks, improvements, a custom app and more.

Don't make them think

A recurring topic and approach taken with the FoldaBox sites (UK & USA) is that of complete and utter clarity for the customer.

Being B2B business on a B2C ecommerce platform comes with a few challenges since your customer base is reasonably narrow and specific, but you're exposed to the whole world for comment and questioning.

For this, great effort has gone into addressing those questions in all the locations that we could. From the home page through collections, products and the cart, to a support solution that does its level best to answer a customer's question before they reach out.

Find what you want, fast!

Navigability is a rather long, hard to say and somewhat poncy sounding word, but it does sum up one of the major focuses (focii?) of the FoldaBox Shopify store.

The main navigation underwent a significant face lift compared to what the Turbo theme offers up by default and across the board, there are little hints, tips and even some virtual slaps across the face to point the user in the right direction.

Custom apps to save time

If you've been reading above, you'll know that Nicole loves to optimize the business to save herself and her team precious time.

With an enormous volume of unqualified leads coming in on their custom printing service, we worked with FoldaBox to produce a comprehensive estimate generator that immediately quietened the noise.

With only the pre-qualified leads in their inboxes, their sales team became significantly more effective, less stressed and able to focus on real leads, not just tyre kickers.

Ongoing success

Having worked with FoldBox since 2015, there are too many things to list out in a single case study, but it's a working relationship we cherish.

FoldBox have taken advantage of our ongoing retainer model and with regular strategy sessions, constant improvements and with us serving as an always-available Shopify expert at hand, we've been able to assist the business in it's significant growth and success.

Nicole Hines
MD, Foldabox

"I have previously worked with a couple of Shopify developers and I have to say was not looking forward to the process again! All my fears were dispelled and it has been nothing but a pleasure. 

I genuinely feel I am working in partnership with someone who cares about my website and who seeks to achieve the best possible results."

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