A "custom challenge coin" wasn't something we'd even heard of before Gene reached out to us to help him realign his store. There was an immediate click of compatibility between us and the CombatBet crew, and the results of their new store speaks for itself.

Consulting Customization Development Shopify UX Design

CombatBet has been keeping people motivated since 2006. They make custom challenge coins, for whatever you want, or you can shop “appreciation coins” for departments, units, and individuals, such as law enforcement, military, fire, EMT, educators, correctional officers, first responders, sheriffs, and K9s. These are not toy chips, they are commemorative keepsakes that make a difference.

“I was given a list of ten companies to contact by Kurt Elster. I looked into all ten. ShopCreatify was the only one I felt was a match.”

Gene Azevedo

First Contact

The owner of CombatBet, Gene Azevedo, contacted us wanting to go from a free Shopify theme to Turbo (From Out of the Sandbox). He is an incredibly cool guy. He loves rock metal and grunge, and when we met he was wearing a Nirvana shirt, so we just clicked. You can see for yourself how chilled he is in this cool promo video…

What we worked on

  • Complete redesign, including: The header, footer, home page, mega navigation, and the gallery.
  • A more user friendly FAQs section and helpdesk to build trust and reduce customer noise.
  • An accounts option for repeat customers, which is not mandatory for first time customers.
  • The product filter and search toolbar.
  • Improving the journey buying experience overall.
  • Improving the general appearance and UX of the site.
  • Social Proof in the way of user generated content/testimonials, and social media integrations.
  • Customer email setup using Klaviyo.
  • A web analytics health check and configuration.
  • And finally… a streamlined custom order app to assist the ordering process.

Create your custom challenge coins quickly and cost-effectively

We created a calculator/cart-to-quote section (app). This allows customers to calculate the price of an order, including artwork and shipping, before adding to cart.

The Custom Order App includes

  • A rotating coin with click and drag functionality, scroll, and zoom.
  • Multi stage ordering functionality.
  • Ability to upload your own artwork.
  • The ability to apply serial numbers for authenticity and accountability.
  • A scaled price reduction calculated in line with higher order numbers.
  • Price estimate adjustments base on whether you will be supplying your own art work.
  • Percentage saving.

The outcome?

CombatBet experienced a 9% increase in sales compared to the same period the previous year, even though traffic was down by 50% - conversion rate is up 64%.

There was a notable reduction in customer pain points, as well as customer noise. Gene puts the reduced traffic down to the Facebook marketing changes that have occurred, and says “We can see that the site is a much more efficient machine these days.”

“On a side note, thanks to Kurt Elster for the referral.”

Ross Allchorn, ShopCreatify CEO
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