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Enter your store's annual revenue, choose what ratio of payments go through Shopify Pay vs/ 3rd parties, hit calculate... and we'll automagically tell you which plan you should be on. If you're in any way confused, here's a video that shows you how it works.

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Last updated on 2022-01-27
We've attempted to make this calculator as accurate as possible, but Shopify's pricing is subject to change. We advise you confirm with them before adjusting your plan.
Results exclude discounts and special rates negotiated with Shopify directly.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  1. Which Shopify Plan is best for me?
  2. Which Shopify Plan is best for small business?
  3. Which Shopify plan is best for enterprise level business?
  4. When should I change my Shopify plan?
  5. How do I decide on my Shopify Plan?

We get asked this all the time, so we created this quick and easy solution. Insert your revenue, slide the scale to show your 3rd Party vs/ Shopify Pay ratio, then hit Calculate. It’s that simple.

Our Shopify Plan recommendation engine will instantly reveal which Shopify plan is best for you and your business. The right plan can save you money. We love helping merchants save/make money.

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