Shopify Customization

Shopify stores can be customized in a number of ways. The most extreme example is a fully custom designed and coded store but most Shopify merchants start with an existing theme.

Contrary to what some people seem to think about Shopify, it's actually an incredibly versatile platform and one that is open to a good deal of customization if you know what you're doing. We've successfully achieved results on the platform that some merchants may not even know are possible.

Below are some examples of customization jobs we've done that have been extremely beneficial to the store's successes and have taken what would otherwise have been a seemingly impossible feature on Shopify into reality.

Case Study 1 — Image Upload & Product Repeater

The brief on this project was to create a custom product page and ordering experience for that allowed the customer to:

  1. Upload large images, actually two per instance of the product.
  2. Preview the uploaded images once they're finished uploading.
  3. Specify the options for the product, like size, color and edge preference
  4. Create additional instances of the product inline on the page
  5. Add all the created products to the cart in one click.

Canvas It Customization

After a short but concise technical discovery phase the project's objectives, mandates and functional requirements were clear and deemed viable. From there we were able to dive straight into the design and development phases. Through some clever use of Shopify's templating language Liquid, HTML, CSS, AngularJS and the implementation of an Amazon S3 storage facility, we managed to achieve exactly what CanvasIt was looking for.

This solution also included integration with the Bold app Customer Pricing (which you can install here) so that different customers are shown a different pricing structure based on their account with the merchant.

Ultimately the solution worked out perfectly and allows CanvasIt to receive the visuals and information they require to fulfill the many orders they're now receiving.

If you're looking for something similar to this customization, please reach out to us via our general Shopify project inquiry form or email

Case Study 2 — Dropdown Mini Cart

This is just one of many customization projects done for but for sake of example, this one was possibly the most rewarding to work on and since launch, has served to be a major user experience improvement on their site. 

The brief was to implement the following on the desktop view of the storefront:

  • A dropdown mini cart when the customer hovers their mouse over the cart link in the header.
  • The ability for the customer to adjust quantities of the products in their cart from within the mini cart.
  • The ability to remove products from their cart from within the mini cart.
  • Present a summary of the cart totals including tax in the mini cart.

Advanced Hover Cart in Shopify

As with all projects with a level of technical complexity, we initially embarked on a technical discovery phase whereby the exact requirements were clearly documented and investigated for viability. This phase coincided with the design mockups and once completed we were immediately ready for development.

Being primarily a B2B store, we ended up including pagenation in the mini cart to prevent an overly tall dropdown that falls below the viewport on smaller screens. All of the functionality that we set out to implement managed to get built and it now seamlessly allows the customer to manipulate their cart contents without even leaving the page they're on.

In the end, the solution elegantly achieved what we set out for it to do and has undoubtedly proven useful to the FoldaBox clientele and contributed to the business' astronomical growth. You can read more about our long standing working relationship with FoldaBox here

If you're looking for something similar to this customization, please reach out to us via our general Shopify project inquiry form or email

Case Study 3 — Wholesale Ordering Interface

Although Shopify is not specifically made for wholesale purposes, there are some wide reaching abilities that are inherent in it's structure that allow you to make good use of the platform for bulk ordering.

A great example of this is our wholesale ordering interface that we've put together for a couple of our merchant clients with the example below being on the Australian based thong (flip flop) retailer and wholesaler Archies Footwear.

The brief in this case was to allow the following for their registered customers:

  1. Access a bulk ordering interface once signed into the site with an authorized account.
  2. View all the products Archies choose to show on the page.
  3. View all their variants (arch profile and size) in a grid of quantity inputs.
  4. See a live indication of stock levels to prevent unwanted back-ordering.
  5. See a comprehensive summary of their order as it's being built in an ever-present sidebar panel.
  6. See a visual incentive for quantity based free shipping that changes color and wording once the quantity is reached.
  7. Add all chosen products to the cart and proceed to checkout with one click.

Wholesale Ordering on Shopify

The project began with a technical discovery phase where an assessment of the Archies' requirements was conducted and functional specification created. Once the project had been deemed viable, the requirements clear and everybody was on the same page, the design and development commenced.

By making use of the Locksmith app and digging deep into our knowledge of Liquid, HTML, CSS and AngularJS, the project proceeded smoothly towards completion. As is the nature of this kind of "uncharted territory" project, some features were added, removed or changed as we went along.

After running comprehensive tests, both internally, with Archies and with some select customers of theirs, the system was deployed to their full client base. The system has significantly improved the ability for their customers to place bulk orders and with the fail-safes like the back-order prevention, Archies can run their business more efficiently and with less effort. A win win for Archies and their wholesale customers.

If you're looking for something similar to this customization, please reach out to us via our general Shopify project inquiry form or email