ShopCreatify Joins the Realm Group

Press Release — October 5th, 2021 by Jessamine County  

Ecommerce merchants around the world can now get the best of both worlds with the hyper-focused specialist approach on Shopify of ShopCreatify and the deep technical abilities and scale of Realm Digital.

With the Realm group currently consisting of Realm Digital, a software development & consulting operation, Snapplify, an edutech company originally incubated within Realm Digital, ShopCreatify will be the third entity under the umbrella.

Realm Digital was initially founded in 1999 by serial technology entrepreneur Wesley Lynch. Lynch passed the CEO torch on to Simon Bestbier in 2014 when their internally conceived and built edutech product managed to raise $2 million in funding, which helped solidify it as a market leader in educational technology.

Simon Bestbier
CEO, Realm Digital

“ShopCreatify coming under the umbrella of the Realm Group will enhance Realm Digital’s Shopify capabilities. We believe this is an opportune time to go to market together, as customers can leverage ShopCreatify's Shopify expertise, alongside Realm’s strong and proven development, integration and consulting capabilities”

ShopCreatify, a heavily Shopify-focused, design, development and conversion optimization agency was officially founded in 2015 by industry veteran Ross Allchorn. Since having adopted the Canadian-based platform as a specialization, ShopCreatify has more than 10X’d in revenue while remaining intentionally small and lean. Shopify themselves have grown from around 120,000 merchants in 2015 to over 1,000,000 merchants in more than 175 countries and is now also a publicly traded entity on the NYSE and TSX.

The intention behind combining forces is to bring more value to more merchants in more territories with the shared knowledge, resources and capabilities that come from a pooling of talent and closer collaboration from an executive level down to the QA testers.

Ross J. Allchorn
Founder and MD, ShopCreatify

“Joining forces with Realm Digital is an exciting new move for ShopCreatify. I’ve known and respected Simon [Bestbier] and Wesley [Lynch] since we first crossed paths almost 17 years ago. The chance to have a company I founded team up with an organisation like Realm is a great privilege and honour. This collaboration should allow both companies to move forward strongly in the Shopify ecommerce space together”

While the companies will still function as separate entities, the go-to-market strategy is to leverage off each other's experience, capabilities and opportunities.

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