Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you suspect that you're losing out on sales? Get us to unlock this lost revenue by analyzing, recommending and implementing the changes that need to be made.

ConversionBoost is our specialized ecommerce conversion rate optimization(CRO) service where we use an evidence-based approach, with data collection and analysis, to improve and enhance your store.

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MD, Foldabox

"I genuinely feel I am working in partnership with someone who cares about my website and who seeks to achieve the best possible results."

Is this for you?

Are you a Shopify merchant already doing some trade but suspect you could be doing better?

If you are, it's likely that ConversionBoost is right for you. It's our productized Shopify conversion rate optimization service. Stores with a certain level of traffic and sales already will see the best results.

If however you are just getting started, and want to know how you can best optimize your sales for your growing store, take a look at some of the things we've done and get in touch if you want to be next.

If you want to see your store perform at its best, delight your customers, boost your sales, and — most importantly — see consistent growth over time… we can help!

Once we know what you're looking to achieve and what hand you've dealt us - we'll help you plan, track, tweak, add, remove, design, code, test, innovate, improve, rewrite, optimize, audit, declutter... and do whatever else needs to be done to win you the pot.

Take your store to the next level

How Does it Work?

Every e-commerce website is unique, and so every ConversionBoost project is different. However, each project tends to follow three stages: AnalyzeApply, then Test & Refine. We tailor our approach based on your needs.


We begin by installing data analysis tools to your store, and over a period of weeks data is collected. An experienced CRO / UX specialist will also conduct a manual evaluation on your store.

For any store already doing some trade, the first logical step is to do a thorough analysis of what the actual situation is. You know your business better than anyone, so we gather your own input as well as a great deal of real hard facts about your store’s traffic, flow and user experience. Combined with a manual manual frontend audit by a seasoned CRO / UX specialist, the analysis of your store will present you with the best next steps for your ecommerce business.

1. Merchant Survey - We’ll firstly ask you all the pertinent questions about you, your business, your customers, your goals and ambitions for the site. This will be done via a comprehensive merchant survey for you to complete.

2. Analytics & Heatmaps - At the same time as the survey, we’ll make sure that your Google Analytics and heat mapping software is set up and tracking the right key metrics for us to advise best when analysing the data.

3. Raw Data Analysis - After enough time has passed to gather the needed quantitative data from which to make recommendations, our CRO / UX specialist will scour the raw data and pull out the relevant insights.

4. Manual Frontend Audit - In conjunction with this raw data, we’ll manually audit your store’s frontend with a comprehensive checklist of known conversion optimization factors for sake of identifying any conversion blocking or missing elements.

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Brand Manager

"During my time as Brand Manager of a fast-growing e-commerce company, ShopCreatify was our most valuable partner in increasing conversions.

Our entire marketing effort benefitted from our partnership with ShopCreatify, and I highly recommend them to any e-commerce company."


With the insights from our analysis phase, we can make data-driven decisions about how to improve your store’s bottom line. Our developers and UX experts can then implement the changes we recommend.

Prioritize & Execute - Once you know what needs to be done, it’s time to strategically execute the tasks to see the most impactful results in as short amount of time as possible.

We’ll prioritize the actionable items collaboratively with you according to the time they will take to execute in relation to their expected impact.

We’ve come up with a unique speed:impact formula to ensure that tasks are executed in a sequence that allows you to benefit the most as quickly as possible.

Test & Refine

Over time, as the results of our efforts show in the data, we continue to make improvements to your store — adding new features, optimizing existing journeys, and increasing your store’s revenue.

Following the implementation of all the recommended changes to your store, there should be a marked improvement in your conversion rate. This doesn’t mean you should stop there.

We could also start doing some split testing, but even if you’re not yet ready for that, we can start surveying your customers, work on your product information and generally continue to refine and perfect your store so that it is a well oiled conversion machine.

Some questions we've been asked

What is conversion rate optimization?

CRO is about reviewing your ecommerce sales funnel to see if there is room for improvement with respect to increasing the percentage of users who take the desired actions on your website. It’s an analytical process followed by a variety of conversion boosting strategies.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

Through CRO you can increase your revenue per visitor and grow your customer base at the same time. It’s a way of getting your store working harder for you and turning those 1's and 0's into $'s and £'s!

When to use conversion rate optimization?

It depends on the industry but if you’re getting below an average of a 3% conversion rate, now is probably a good time. You do want to take your industry average, and personal goals, into account too.

How long does it take to analyze my store?

As long as a six week long piece of string... inside joke, sorry. Most analyses are conducted over a minimum of 6 weeks. Once we have installed / checked the setup of your analytics and heat-mapping software, we allow approximately 4 weeks for it to gather a decent snapshot of your store. We then conduct the manual audit in conjunction with the extraction of insights from the collected data to produce your report.

Can we implement the CRO / UX recommendations ourselves?

By all means, if you have the required skills in house, or have a preferred development partner, no problem at all. We work with merchants at many different levels. Some have full in-house design and development teams, others… not so much.

We haven’t made a sale yet, can you help us?

Probably not… with this service at least. ConversionBoost is primarily intended for merchants already trading at a reasonably healthy rate. CRO (conversion rate optimization) is the process of increasing the rate by which visitors are converting into paying customers. We’re more than happy to discuss your needs though, so feel free to reach out to us or take a look at some of the things we've done to see if we have what you need.

Do you guarantee results?

Your success is our success in more ways than one. We’re extremely selective of who we work with and the number of client onboardings we do per month. To date we have never had a situation where a merchant has not seen a desirable result from our collaborative efforts.

Most of our clients become long term "partners" and our preference would be to build a mutually beneficial working relationship with you.

Results vary from industry to industry and there are elements of your business that are outside of our control (pricing, shipping, customer service etc.). We work with you using established processes focused on concrete improvements to your store.

If you’re in any way concerned that we’re going to just take the money and do a quick and shoddy job, feel free to inquire using the form above and we can line up a time to chat.

Who will pay for the CrazyEgg / Hotjar license?

You will. You then get to keep it going forward so there will be no need for transfers of ownership or any such nonsense in future.

Why am I here?

We’re not too sure either. In the event of an existential crisis, we defer to the teachings of Randall Munroe -