Making Sense of a Large E-commerce Product Catalog

Making Sense of a Large E-commerce Product Catalog

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At ShopCreatify, we often help our merchant clients sort their products into collections and build out navigation in a way that it is easy for their customers to find the things they're looking for.

Not only does this make your customer's user experience better, but it also allows you as an e-commerce merchant to push the products that you need to push in the right places.

Here are some methods to sort a large product catalog:

Define a Hierarchical Structure

This is the classic method, using parent and child categories. Think of a department store layout. Start with broad categories (e.g., Clothing) and then delve deeper (e.g., Men's Clothing > Shirts > Dress Shirts).

Use Faceted Navigation

This allows filtering by product attributes (e.g., size, color, brand). Great for complex product catalogs like electronics. Imagine a phone filter with options for storage size, camera quality, etc.

Create Case Categories

Organize based on how customers use the products (e.g., "Workout Essentials" or "Backyard BBQ"). Appeals to customer needs and simplifies browsing.

Embrace a Hybrid Approach

Combine methods! Use a hierarchical structure as the foundation, then add faceted navigation within each category for a more granular search.

Highlighting Your Priority Products

Once categorized, here's how to surface your top sellers:

In your Navigation: Place high-priority categories in prominent menu positions.

On your Homepage: Feature bestsellers, new arrivals, or special offers prominently with high-quality visuals and clear calls to action.

In your Collections: Curate product collections based on trends, seasons, or themes, ensuring high-priority items are included.

On your Product Detail Page: Use product recommendations to suggest related high-priority items. You can also offer bundles with high-priority products as part of the deal.

Some Additional Tips

A/B Test: Continuously test different layouts and navigation structures to see what resonates best with your audience.

Surface your Customer Reviews: Feature positive reviews for high-priority products to build trust and encourage sales.

Search Engine Optimize: Optimize product descriptions for relevant keywords to ensure high-priority items rank well in search results.

By effectively combining categorization with strategic placement, you can create a user-friendly shopping experience that prioritizes your best-selling products.

If you need assistance with getting the most out of your e-commerce store, please do reach out to us here or simply email us.

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