Zen and the art of Digital Shopfitting

Zen and the art of Digital Shopfitting

January 02, 2015 2 min read

Oh how I wish I could think of a clever and witty way to captivate my audience with my sharp intellect in this, our first blog post. I suppose it is not to be, but at least we have a beginning, a launchpad... some starting blocks as it were. Who are we and what the hell is digital shopfitting you ask? You didn't ask? I'm going to tell you anyway... "Digital shopfitting" is a term we coined while voraciously scouring the web for names that best represent what we do and although as a domain name it sucked, we thought as a tagline it was rather appropriate.

Shopfitter noun. A person whose job it is to fit the counters, shelves, etc. with which a shop is equipped.

In case you're not familiar with what a traditional shopfitter does, I've taken the liberty of defining it above for you. What we do is the digital (or virtual) equivalent of what the old-school, bricks n' mortar shopfitter does.

Lets say you have something you want to sell online. By something, I don't mean just one of these things (we're not ebay), we mean you have these things in numbers. Whether they're T shirts, custom made knives or handmade woolen willy warmers (we don't judge) we can help you get online and selling these things fast and affordably. We take the complexity out of the process by simply setting your shop up for you.

We have tons of experience... literally tons, like as in we weighed it on a scale and it showed over 2000kg's. No, seriously, we've been doing this for a while. Our founder breathes, eats and sleeps ecommerce (it's not healthy, but it's true). We even have a couple of our own shops that tick away on the side.

We do as much or as little as you need with your online shop deployment. Simply need a basic store setup with a couple of products? Done. Need something a bit more customized and have a product catalogue of 150,000 products? It'll cost you a bit more, but your wish is our command.

Sure, you can figure it all out yourself. I could also learn out how to overhaul the engine of my car but I don't plan to because that would be a waste of my time. We speak ecommerce and will handle payment gateway integration, shipping setup, product loading, help and guide you with other topics like domains, email and even give you some of our operational tips via our blog and through direct communication in the setup process.

Well, that's about it for the first post in this blog. I truly hope you were entertained and if not I'll try harder next time.

Ross Allchorn
Ross Allchorn

Hi, I'm Ross, an entrepreneur and a specialist in e-commerce. I founded ShopCreatify in 2015 and loving every second of working with our great ecommerce merchant clients.