A cool bunch of guys with an even cooler product. After BJ and his team were extremely successful in kickstarting their business we got involved in redesigning and building a high converting and easily managed Shopify store.

Consulting Customization Development Shopify Plus UX Design

"Our website went from a 4 to a 10. Everything improved dramatically from our brand to our sales."

BJ Minson

From "good enough" to great

When Grip6 reached out to us in September 2017, they'd already achieved a fair amount of success. Off the back of a Kickstarter campaign that truly shows how it's done ($106,827 pledged of a $7,500 goal), they went into production and the rest is history.

Our working relationship began with a polished new design based off of an idea they had and we were able to convert that idea into a conversion powerhouse of a store. This was closely followed with a revised version of their earlier attempted belt builder and over the years we have continued to push the boundaries and find new ways to optimize and improve their store.

If you're interested to know more about their history and their blend of "secret sauce", go and read the inspiring story of Grip6.

Hyper focused on conversion

The aim of this store's redesign truly was to sell, and that it does very well.

Devoid of gimmicks and sales tricks, together with the merchant, this store manages to achieve a level of completeness that allows the consumer to see all they need to know about the product, and buying couldn't be easier. 

Pretty much exactly what you and your customers want in an ecommerce store.

Sometimes the complexity is invisible

The product page of the Grip6 site is one where at first glance, one could easily be mistaken for thinking that it's pretty close to every other product page on the web. Thankfully for our client this isn't the case.

From the way the images have been structured and separated from the variant selectors to the inclusion of custom trust seals and the positioning and emphasizing of each element on the page, this product page serves it's purpose pretty damn well.

The collection page is also not without hidden complexity in that the content team at Grip6 have numerous options when it comes to presenting their wares.

From mobile tailored visuals to the ability to split collections into tabs for different audience types (think adults / kids, mens, womens) as well as the presentation of, and user friendliness of the page having been at the forefront of all design decisions.

Beyond the redesign

Since redesigning the store, we've worked collaboratively with Grip6 on constantly growing and evolving the site to improve customer experience, drive more sales and accommodate their ever-growing range of new products.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With so many factors determining and influencing your conversion rate (cough Google cough), it's an ever changing landscape where you need to be vigilant if you want to keep that rate high.

We've worked with Grip6 over the years on numerous tests, performed ongoing auditing and implemented numerous "needle moving" changes that have kept them at the top of their game.

Custom Apps & Customizations

When you're wanting to differentiate your brand from the rest, sometimes the things you need don't come in a neat little pre-packaged bundle with a ribbon on it.

While we've made good use of a premium theme and a number of apps on this store, there are countless small tweaks and changes that enhance the user experience.

With the store being on Shopify Plus we've also been able to build custom apps and functionality that would otherwise be unattainable on one of the lower tiers.

Ongoing Strategy & Support

We have regularly set strategy and update calls with the guys at Grip6 in which we are able to collaboratively define their pain points, desires and needs. These then get prioritized, planned out and executed in an agile manner.

As much as they seem to enjoy working with us, we share the sentiment, and have every intention of keeping going with them for as long as they need our services.

BJ Minson
Founder & CEO of

"ShopCreatify are the most technically qualified developers we have been able to find (and we spent years looking).

They are very easy to work with and bring a lot of expertise both in coding and in artistic value to the table. It was like a someone threw us a lifeline when we found them. Our website went from a 4 to a 10. Everything improved dramatically from our brand to our sales. We have been working with them for over a year and plan to use them for years to come. I don't say this lightly when I say Shopcreatify is the best in the business. I highly, highly recommend them."