Don't Lose Sales in the Shopping Cart Graveyard! Recover Abandoned Carts with Email Magic

Don't Lose Sales in the Shopping Cart Graveyard! Recover Abandoned Carts with Email Magic

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UPDATE: While the content of this article is still relevant at the time of writing, you can now also achieve similar with Shopify's native automation features in the Marketing tab if you don't use Klaviyo.

Imagine you're at a bakery, piling delicious cookies onto a tray. You reach for the checkout, but suddenly get distracted and leave your sugary treats behind!

That's kind of what happens in online stores all the time. People add items to their carts but abandon them before paying.

This "shopping cart graveyard" can cost your business a lot of money. But fear not, there's a way to bring those cookies (or whatever you sell) back to life: abandoned cart recovery emails!

Here's why having a solid abandoned cart sequence is a game-changer for your e-commerce store on Shopify and how you can use Klaviyo to set it up.

Why Recovering Abandoned Carts is Like Finding Hidden Treasure

Let's face it, people abandon carts for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they got surprised by high shipping costs, got called away before checkout, or simply forgot. But here's the good news: studies show that up to 70% of shopping carts are abandoned! That's a massive chunk of potential sales just sitting there.

Now, imagine recovering even a small percentage of those abandoned carts. Let's say you manage to win back 5%. Suddenly, your sales get a nice boost! This is why abandoned cart recovery is like finding hidden treasure – it brings back sales you might have otherwise lost.

Klaviyo: Your Wand for Waving Goodbye to Abandoned Carts

Shopify and Klaviyo are a powerful team for abandoned cart recovery. Shopify tracks customer behavior and Klaviyo lets you send automated emails based on that data. Here's how the magic happens:

1. Setting the Stage

First, you connect your Shopify store to Klaviyo. This lets Klaviyo see when someone adds something to their cart but doesn't complete the purchase.

2. The Friendly Reminder

Klaviyo then sends an automatic email to the customer, reminding them about the goodies they left behind. This email can include a picture of the product, its price, and a clear call to action button that says something like "Complete Your Purchase!"

3. A Little Sweetener (Optional)

You can even add a discount code or free shipping offer to the email as an extra nudge to complete the purchase.

More Emails, More Chances to Win Back Sales

One email might not be enough.

Think of it like searching for treasure – sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. Klaviyo lets you create a sequence of emails. For example, the first email could be a gentle reminder. The second email, sent a day or two later, could highlight the benefits of the product or offer a discount.

Remember, the key is to be friendly, helpful, and not pushy.

Making Your Emails Shine

Here are some tips for crafting abandoned cart emails that work:

1. A Subject Line that Grabs Attention

Use a subject line that makes people curious, like "Did you forget something special?"

2. Keep it Short & Sweet

People are busy, so get straight to the point and remind them about their cart.

3. Mobile Friendly

Most people check email on their phones, so make sure your emails look good on all devices.

4. Personalize It (if possible)

If you know the customer's name, use it! A personal touch goes a long way.

By following these tips and using the power of Shopify and Klaviyo, you can turn abandoned carts into happy sales and watch your e-commerce business flourish!

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