Out of the Sandbox Parallax Theme Banner Visualizer PSD

Make your parallax banners work across all devices.

A tool created specifically for designers, photographers and hands-on merchants that want to ensure that their banner images look great on all devices when using the Out of the Sandbox Parallax theme.

This downloadable purchase includes a neatly layered PSD (Photoshop file) with the most common device sizes showing the positioning of the parallax banner element on them. 

We painstakingly super imposed the rendering of the parallax banner element onto each device and screen size that your customers are likely to be visiting the site on. We used Out of the Sandbox's recommended aspect ratio for the banner image of 1600px x 805px which is the most versatile size to work with.

The current version of the file includes the following view-ports:

  1. 1366px x 768px Desktop (most common size currently)
  2. 1680px x 1080px Desktop (large screen)
  3. Mobile portrait (iPhone 6)
  4. Mobile landscape (iPhone 6)
  5. Tablet portrait (iPad)
  6. Tablet landscape (iPad)

The PSD file is also completely open, so if you want to add a device to your workflow, you can add it if you know how. If you have any requested devices to make this a more specific and wider reaching and versatile tool for you, feel free to be in contact with us and we can discuss extending it for you.

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