30 Minute Ecommerce Consultation

Type: Booking

We value your time, the time of our existing clients and also our own. This product exists to allow you to pre-purchase a consulting slot with us where we can dedicate our time exclusively to you and your project for the full duration of this initial discovery call.

IMPORTANT: If your project gets booked in with ShopCreatify the cost of this consultation will be applied to your total project fee effectively nullifying it's cost.

If you need to speak to a ShopCreatify consultant about your project and are not an existing client, simply purchase this flexible time slot.

Once you've gone through checkout you'll be contacted manually by us and a booking made.

Calls will be conducted via Zoom which includes video, screen sharing, live chat for sending links and text as well as the ability for you to enter the call with your mobile phone, computer or even a telephone.

Call attendee photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash