Below is a small sampling of our work. As we're constantly working on and deploying new stores, we will add to this portfolio over time. A lot of our work is also done via agencies and partners, so those will rightfully go in their portfolios not ours. If you'd like to see more of the work we've done, please feel free to request this by contacting us.

Argentum Apothecary

ARgENTUM Apothecary is a globally distributed luxury cosmetic product range. The nature of their product demanded a flawlessly executed branding and e-commerce experience, which we undertook in tandem with their brand designers.

Developed over a period of several months and launched in June 2017, the store has been met with very positive feedback. View the ARgENTUM Apothecary store here.

ARgENTUM Apothecary


Foldabox is a veritable Shopify veteran. We were honoured to be awarded the redesign of the third instance of their Shopify store.

You can read the FoldaBox case study here (new).


Using the outstanding Parallax theme by Out of the Sandbox, we went through a multi phased approach where all the nuances and customization work done in the past was carried across or improved upon. The entire store was mocked up prior to execution and the deployment was one of the smoothest we've ever conducted. Visit FoldaBox.

Kai's Virgin Vapor

As a Shopify Plus merchant, this was an exciting project with possibilities available that aren't always the case with our client projects.

Kai's Virgin Vapor Shopify Plus Store

Shopify Plus Custom Development

Being an existing store with a good deal of transactions happening on a daily basis we had to be very careful not to upset the apple-cart with the launch. With a myriad of apps to sort through, cull and replace, we integrated all of them neatly with the Out of the Sandbox Responsive theme and customized it to fit the bright, colorful aesthetic of the brand.

The header and footer were completely redesigned and a number of changes were made to provide an optimal mobile experience. An ongoing project that is constantly challenging us technically with the demanding nature of this fast paced industry and the ever changing legislation around it. Visit Kai's Virgin Vapor.



Easy-Macro wanted to migrate across from their existing system to the more transaction focused platform that is Shopify.

Easy-Macro Portfolio Item

With a great choice of the Parallax theme by Out of the Sandbox, we set up the store and made some modifications to have it truly represent the brand. We took delivery of some product and did their main product photography for the store and launched shortly thereafter. A great client and a great product. Visit Easy-Macro.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is a store built to sell an exceptionally innovative product.

The brainchild of Daniel Rotman, Pretty Litter is a type of diagnostic kitty litter that offers early indication of health issues in your cat. The design is a heavily modified theme and is a good example of how unique a store can be with a theme at the base. Visit Pretty Litter.


BoardHub is one of Cape Town's leading surf and skate shops and make use of both Shopify's online shop and POS (point of sale) systems.

The store is built using a modified Shopify theme and is also a great example of how versatile they are in providing a solid base for an effective and unique store. Visit BoardHub.


SweetsDirect was a store selling sweets in attractive re-usable containers primarily for gifting purposes.

We did this store from end to end including photography, copywriting and all design, using a Shopify theme as a base. With minimal customization to the theme, it is a great showpiece of how a store can look and work without messing too much under the hood.


Prosilencer manufactures and sells custom made suppressors for firearms.

The GS (Gavin Smith) manufactured silencers are world renowned for quality and impeccable workmanship. The store was designed and built using a free Shopify theme. There was some customization to gather the information needed to produce suppressors for almost any firearm in the world. Visit ProSilencer

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