Customized Theme-based Shopify Stores

With our help, theme-based stores can look and feel custom.

The choice of most small to medium-sized ecommerce businesses, themed stores are a good fit for businesses launching a new brand, or are growing but not ready for the big custom build from the ground up. Theme-based stores are easier to maintain and offer solid functionality for your investment.

Shopify themes don't have to be boring.

Your store can be theme-based, and still dazzle.

Themes such as Turbo provide a stable framework. Themes can be helped along, however, by adding some punch and functionality.

Take a look at this example of a flyout that appears when a customer adds a product to their cart:

We've integrated a rewards program notice, an offer of military discount, an easy at-a-glance cart summary, and an easy way to get to checkout. Just an addition to the theme. Conversion boosting? Heck yeah.

Point being, you don't need to settle for a theme's standard offerings. The defaults work well, but can be improved upon without going full custom build.