Shopify Store Setup Services

Through our polished approach at setting up Shopify stores you can rest assured that everything will be done right the first time.

Through the use of our content delivery toolkit; a Shopify derived product developed by us, we collect all the pertinent information for your store in a thorough and structured manner.

The store setup ordinarily comprises the following services:

  1. Theme implementation and styling.
  2. Product information and image formatting and loading.
  3. Store detail loading.
  4. Store address loading.
  5. Google Analytics implementation.
  6. Standards and formats setup.
  7. Taxes setup.
  8. Payment method setup.
  9. Shipping setup.
  10. App setup (where required).

Having done it before many times we know the intricacies that are often overlooked or missed in the setup process. We therefore take this process very seriously and pay great attention to detail while doing so. All aspects of your store will be set up as they should be and thoroughly tested to be perfectly functional and usable.

The foundation for your store will be solid and from there the only way should be up.

If you're interested in any of the above services, or any others that we provide, please tell us more about your project:

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