ShopCuratify is an initiative to bring Curated Shopify Experts together with Curated Shopify projects.

Shopify Experts

Shopify Development

If you believe that you or your organization are at the top of your game, we'd love to have you apply for ShopCuratify access. Whether you focus on setups, design, development, photography or marketing, we'd love to hear from you.

More about becoming a ShopCuratify Member

ShopCuratify access is awarded to those experts that demonstrate a level of proficiency and professionalism in their craft that is world class.

Peer Reviewed

All applicants will be peer reviewed by existing members and if the work is deemed worthy, you'll be invited to the ShopCuratify Slack Channel to participate further in the program.

Free Membership

Membership is free, but earned via the quality of your work.There is also no intention for there to be a charge for ShopCuratify membership.

Exclusive Access to Qualified, Curated Projects

As a member, you will be allowed access to curated projects that have already been scrutinized for eligibility. These projects will be filtered across from multiple channels and the pre-sales qualifying and briefing will already have been done.

No Obligations

Joining does not oblige you to pick up any of the projects and you can leave at any time. Of course if you're mid-project, you'll be bound by any agreements in place for the completion / handover thereof, depending on the specific terms of the project(s).

Shopify Projects

Shopify ProjectsDo you have an exciting, maybe even challenging Shopify related project you'd like to have done? We're looking for awesome projects that inspire the creative juices and problem solving skills of our cream of the crop teams.

More about Submitting your Project

As can be seen, we go to great lengths to ensure that the Shopify experts working on your project are of the highest standard with a good deal of experience and professional business ethic. For this reason, we require the same level of professionalism and the projects need to be stimulating and rewarding so that everybody can do their best work.

We'll go as far as to say that if you don't picture your project being one that can be submitted for an award of excellence in it's field, it's perhaps not the best candidate for ShopCuratify.


Through our initial questionnaire we'll be able to ascertain a high level idea of what your project is about. If your project is a suitable match, we'll assist you in creating a compelling brief to get the team salivating and squabbling over who gets to work on your project.


As the aim of this initiative is to focus on truly outstanding work and to match you up with a team that can deliver something that others will be jealous of, we need to keep the topic of money out of their minds. In other words, you'll get what you pay for and we're only planning to do the best. For an indication of pricing, we'll look at projects with a budget of $20,000 and up.

Shameless self promotion: If your budget is below the minimum, feel free to contact ShopCreatify directly or if it's a small task, check out HeyCarson.


All projects are different so timelines are completely dependent on the scope of the work. We'll assist you in advising a reasonable timeline for your project so as to ensure that what needs to be done has sufficient man hours available to do the job perfectly. Regrettably no rush jobs will be entertained other than in exceptional circumstances at our discretion.