Step 2 - Apply

Prioritize & Execute

Once you know what needs to be done, it’s time to strategically execute the tasks to see the most impactful results in as short amount of time as possible.
We’ll prioritize the actionable items collaboratively with you according to the time they will take to execute in relation to their expected impact.

We’ve come up with a unique speed:impact formula to ensure that tasks are executed in a sequence that allows you to benefit the most as quickly as possible.

Priority 1 - Qwhi Tasks

Quick Win, High Impact tasks will almost always be prioritized highest and scheduled to be done first.

Priority 2 - BTHI Tasks

Bigger Task, High Impact items will require a bit more time to execute, so once the QWHI tasks are done, these will be the next priority to focus on.

Priority 3 - QWLI Tasks

Quick Win, Low Impact tasks will be deferred to a later date, or executed sooner if there is time and capacity to do so.

Priority 4 - BTLI Tasks

Bigger Task, Low Impact items will usually be added to a deferment list or even scrapped if the time and resources required to execute are not viable.