Step 1 - Analysis

For any store already doing some trade, the first logical step is to do a thorough analysis of what the actual situation is. You know your business better than anyone, so we gather your own input as well as a great deal of real hard facts about your store’s traffic, flow and user experience. Combined with a manual manual frontend audit by a seasoned CRO / UX specialist, the analysis of your store will present you with the best next steps for your ecommerce business.

1. Merchant 

We’ll firstly ask you all the pertinent questions about you, your business, your customers, your goals and ambitions for the site. This will be done via a comprehensive merchant survey for you to complete.

2. Analytics & Heatmaps

At the same time as the survey, we’ll make sure that your Google Analytics and heat mapping software is set up and tracking the right key metrics for us to advise best when analysing the data.

3. Raw Data 

After enough time has passed to gather the needed quantitative data from which to make recommendations, our CRO / UX specialist will scour the raw data and pull out the relevant insights.

4. Manual Frontend Audit

In conjunction with this raw data, we’ll manually audit your store’s frontend with a comprehensive checklist of known conversion optimization factors for sake of identifying any conversion blocking or missing elements.