ConversionBoost FAQ

How long does it take to analyse my store?

As long as a six week long piece of string... inside joke, sorry. Most analyses are conducted over a minimum of 6 weeks. Once we have installed / checked the setup of your analytics and heat-mapping software, we allow approximately 4 weeks for it to gather a decent snapshot of your store. We then conduct the manual audit in conjunction with the extraction of insights from the collected data to produce your report.

Can we implement the CRO / UX recommendations ourselves?

By all means, if you have the requisite skills, no problem at all. We work with merchants at many different levels. Some have full in-house design and development teams, others… not so much.

We haven’t made a sale yet, can you help us?

Possibly not… yet. This service is primarily intended for merchants already trading at a reasonably healthy rate. CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is the process of increasing the rate by which visitors are converting into paying customers. We’re more than happy to discuss your needs though, so feel free to reach out to us with more information.

Do you guarantee results?

Your success is our success in more ways than one. We’re extremely selective of who we work with and the number of client onboardings we do per month. To date we have never had a situation where a merchant has not seen a desirable result from our collaborative efforts. Almost all of our clients are long term engagements (3yrs+) and we prefer to build a relationship with you. Results will vary from industry to industry and there are elements of your business that are outside of our control (pricing, shipping, customer service etc.). We work with you using established processes focused on concrete improvements to your store.
If you’re in any way concerned that we’re going to just take the money and do a quick and shoddy job, feel free to make contact and we can line up a time to chat.

Will you execute all of the recommendations from the report within the 1 week development time?

It is impossible to say until the report is complete. It’s suffice to say that a large amount of impactful work can be done in one week, but tasks can vary wildly in terms of complexity and time to execute.

How long does the execution phase take?

The execution phase (the pre-purchased week of consulting, design and development) will be carried out within 30 days following the presentation of the report subject to supply of any required elements by the merchant to ShopCreatify to complete the tasks.

Who will pay for the CrazyEgg / Hotjar license?

You will. You then get to keep it going forward so there will be no need for transfers of ownership or any such nonsense in future.

Why am I here?

We’re not too sure either. In the event of an existential crisis, we defer to the teachings of Randall Munroe -