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This toolkit consists of 7 documents for you to better serve your customers as a Shopify partner or expert. It speeds up your store setups by giving your customers a well conceived walk through of all the content you're going to need from them to get their store up and running quickly and efficiently. Included in the kit are sample documents, simple form documents (for them to supply page content, store information and more), a simplified product spreadsheet, a printable delivery checklist and a thorough guide document that explains everything in detail.

All is supplied in a zip of editable Microsoft Office files that you can white label and use as you like.

  • A thorough Shopify content delivery guide details each aspect of the store setup requirements from start to finish. You can call this the central point of the guide package and it references all supporting files and processes.
  • A printable checklist allows your customers to tick off the items they've done, checked internally and delivered to you.
  • The store information document includes all the required information from your customers so you can confidently set up their online presence the first time. All they need to do is complete the simple MS Word form and return it to you.
    Get the content for your customer's first blog post delivered promptly by letting them compose it in this Word document form. You can then transfer it simply and quickly into the Shopify CMS.
    To facilitate quick and efficient collection of page content, this document allows your customers to enter it all into a format they understand (MS Word) so you just need to transfer it into the Shopify page CMS.
    Your customers will be able to run through a legal sample document and change all the clearly marked variable areas to reflect their own business and send back to you for insertion on their site. It strongly emphasizes the need for an attorney to check all details, but this is squarely on your client's shoulders and they have a solid starting point.
  • The re-factored and simplified Shopify product spreadsheet (supplied in Excel format) offers your customers an easily understood spreadsheet to quickly complete and return to you to import their products into their site.

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