How Customizable is Shopify?

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Customized Shopify

Can Shopify be customized?

When I say customized, I don't mean just enlarging the logo or aligning some text differently and changing the font. I mean significantly customized like where functionality that is completely foreign to the theme, or some type of workflow that is completely different to the way "most" people do it?

Interestingly enough and contrary to popular belief, the answer to that question is yes. Yes it can and no you're not necessarily restricted to how things work in the themes you've seen powering the many thousands of Shopify stores. Of course there are limitations... it is a SaaS platform after-all, but when there is a will, there is often a way.

At ShopCreatify we deal with a massive variety of inquiries. Some are so small that we may refer them on to the brilliant folk over at HeyCarson and some are better suited to either a bespoke solution or a different platform, but there is an enormous area in between where Shopify really shines.

A lot of our daily work is spent investigating, designing and building these customizations and it is currently the area we're most adept and experienced. We therefore put together a page that will undoubtedly grow over time giving some more detail around what these types of jobs often entail.

You can view this page (with case studies) on Shopify customization here.

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Ross Allchorn


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