Introducing the ShopCreatify Content Delivery Kit for Shopify

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Setting up online shops for other people is an interesting process. Nobody knows your business like you do, but wading through Shopify and trying to make sense of things while trying to ensure that all the necessary information and settings are in and configured correctly can be a real schlep. If you don't happen to know everything that is required and where it all goes it can be even worse. Luckily we've set up a few stores already, but even so, gathering all the required information has been a bit of a tricky one up until now. To smooth the process, we've developed version 1 of our Shopify Content Delivery Kit.

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Defining the pain points

Everything for a reason they say. The fact that we committed such a considerable amount of time and effort to developing this content delivery kit was due to the following pain factors:
  1. The time from signup to store launch was simply too long. Even for small stores.
  2. Our customers were struggling with some of the more technical requirements in preparing their store assets (products, pages etc.)
  3. It was too easy to miss simple small things that were only got caught in the pre-launch testing phase.
  4. The process was just too inefficient for my liking.
To solve these issues we sat down and brainstormed a few solutions. We wanted things to be practical, not overly technical and ultimately a solution that removed any ambiguity from the process and guided our customers from start to finish.

The Solution

Ultimately we established that the best way to achieve these objectives was to create the following:
  1. A thorough Shopify content delivery guide detailing each aspect of the store setup requirements from start to finish. You can call this the central point of the guide package and it references all supporting files and processes.
  2. Simple form / sample documents that are completed / edited and returned to us for implementation into the ecommerce store.
  3. Refactored and simplified the Shopify product CSV into an easily understood spreadsheet for our customers to easily complete and return to us.
  4. Last but not least, a printable checklist so our customers can check off the items they've done, checked internally and delivered to us.

Shopify Setup Guide
The ShopCreatify Content Delivery Guide Printable Checklist and Guide open on an iPad

We believe that with this brand spanking new content delivery guide package we'll be able to better serve our customers. At the end of the day we want to deliver speedy store setups that are well executed and allow our customers to start trading effectively and efficiently from day 1. If you'd like to find out more, please feel free to email us at You can also sign up for a 14 day free trial if Shopify here.

Buy the kit here for only $29

Ross Allchorn
Ross Allchorn


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