With a tagline of "creating wonder through the act of giving" it's hard not to love the pucciManuli store. With an incredibly rich physical experience in their bricks-and-mortar store, we were tasked with presenting something similar in a virtual setting.

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"I found the story I wanted to tell: their story — these extraordinary toymakers — to celebrate the passion and profiles of some of the world's most talented artisans..."

Carrie Kohs

Telling stories

pucciManuli, a word roughly akin to "the best of the best" is a brand that it wasn't hard to instantly fall in love with. To really get to grips with what the shop is all about, Carrie the founder and operator of this Philadelphia based toy store gave us a prolonged virtual walkthrough.

Similar to her "shop the shoppe" service where she gives remote customers the ability to experience the store with a tablet wielding assistant, Carrie showed us the little mouse door in the skirting, the majestic plush animals and all sorts of other wondrous things that make even the most hardened adult wish for their youth back.

Making the virtual tangible

Taking such a visually rich smorgasbord of color, texture & intrigue and translating it into something virtual and digital was an interesting challenge.

Thankfully through close collaboration between the merchant, a talented illustrator and our resident nocturnal Quintin really immersing himself in the brand, we were able to pull off what you now see on the site. 

Nothing cookie cutter about this

The discussion was had about using a premium Shopify theme for the store, but to achieve the visual elegance needed for pucciManuli, a theme would have proven more of a hindrance than of any benefit with this build.

100% Custom Design

After weighing up the pros and cons of theme based vs/ custom, the decision was made to go fully custom, and it shows in the end result.

Every template on the site from the home page to all the core templates like the product, collection and cart, including all the account and information pages went through an iterative design phase before a single line of code was written.

Built from the ground up

When you build a store without a pre-made theme, you not only have carte blanche over how it looks and works, but also how it performs.

Page load speed having become an important metric in recent times, not having the bloat of unused functionality and it's redundant code bogging the site down is definitely desirable.

This was an added and very valuable benefit of going with a custom built front-end and will serve the merchant well into the future.

Micro-interactions to create wonder

For Carrie, it's not all just about pushing the customer ruthlessly through a funnel to conversion, but also an experience that the user enjoys and comes back for.

To provide this "little extra" there are playful elements of gamification like a rope that you pull to have the search drop down, some magic dust that follows your mouse cursor and playful visual embellishments throughout.

As with any decent website, the only way to really experience and appreciate it, you need to visit it and look around.

Carrie Kohs
Owner of pucciManuli

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